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Unlike the larger cities in Italy, Siena offers few apartment options for the independent traveler. Short-term rentals tend to be quite expensive and long-term rentals are difficult to come by.

For self-catering rentals, we strongly recommend Le Meridiane. Whether you want to stay by the day or month their rates are very reasonable. Located outside the walls of the historic center of the city it's a perfect place for enjoying Siena; just a quick bus ride into town (about 15 minutes), the stop is only 200 meters from the complex or about a 40 minute walk into town.

Good service, quiet location, plenty of parking, an in-ground pool, lots of space and a quick bus ride into town.

Located at 3 Via Fracassi and online at Phone: 577 280000.

We have used The Parker Company in the past. A rental broker based in the United States, their units are generally very nice but often expensive. Still, their service was always very good. They now have an office in Genova.


There are plenty of hotels in the city, providing all levels of service. From the Grand Continental to sleeping in a nunnery you can find one to fit just about any budget.

Here is a list of all Accommodation in Siena and another of just Hotels in Siena in particular.

Over the years we've stayed at the Hotel Duomo (inside the walls), the Hotel Arcobaleno and the Hotel Santa Caterina, both just outside the walls -- Arcobaleno to the north outside of the Porta Camollia and Santa Caterina just a few meters from the Porta Romana. We can certainly recommend any of these hotels -- we always found the staff helpful and friendly, the breakfasts scrumptious and the rooms nice.

In April of 2009 we stayed at the Hotel Santa Caterina. The hotel was recommended by a Senese friend, Roberto Bechi and we can easily see why. The breakfasts (included in the price) are perfect, with delicious caffe and pastries from nearby Peccati di Gola, one of the city's best pastry shops.

The rooms have all been recently refurbished (the hotel moved up from a 2- to a 3-star rating) and the service is attentive and helpful. The garden overlooks southern Tuscany and is a perfect place to relax and get away from the bustle of the city or after an day of traversing the countryside looking for just the perfect view of Tuscany.

Parking is an additional charge but worth tucking your car away for a couple of days so you can explore this wonderful city on foot. Via E. S. Piccolomini 7, Phone: +39 0577 221 105; online at:

Farmhouse - Agriturismo

If you'd like to stay in a traditional farmhouse, we recommend the nearby countryside - the Create Senesi are quite spectacular, to the south of the city - check out this link for lots of options but, in particular, we've heard wonderful reviews for the great hospitality at San Giovanni in Poggio - that they include a museum pass to visit the main sights in Siena is a bonus!

Oh, and by the way -- we always pay our own way.