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"Peccati di Gola"

The Italians love sweets (dolce) almost as much as they love wine -- maybe more. However, the places that make wonderful pastries in Siena are often hard to spot unless they have a caffe connected along with the bakery. Called pasticerrie because they create and bake the various paste (pastries) it's well worth the effort to look for a good one.

So far the absolute best paste we have found in Siena is at Peccati di Gola, a pasticcierie run by Antonio and Monica Betti.

The design and quality of materials and workmanship in this place is worth the stop but the pastries are out of this world! And great caffe too!

I also believe Antonio makes the best Ricciarell in the city. A Siena specialty Ricciarelli are your basic almond cookie: powdered sugar, egg whites and ground almond. Gluten-free and butter-free they are incredibly delicious.

powdered sugar

That's all powdered sugar. . .

Of course everyone has their own favorite style and taste but Antonio's almond cookies are like eating a slice of heaven! Delizioso!

You can find this heavenly place on the southern side of the city, just outside the Porta Romana at 43/45 Via E. S. Piccolomini in. Open everyday but Monday and they close at noon on Sunday (Domenica).

A couple of other pasticcierie to try inside the walls are Bini, located at 91-93 Via Stalloreggi, and Nannini's on Via Banchi di Sopra. Both have out-of-this-world sweets, for breakfast, midday, dessert after dinner, anytime! And of course just about all bars have a selection of sweet pastries but get there early!

And don't forget gelato! Our favorite spot is right off the Piazza del Campo, on via di Citta -- it's just next to the wide opening that leads onto to the Piazza! They have a great little terrace that overlooks the Piazza -- just look for the big sign that says "Artiginale"!