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Helpful information

Siena local government web site in Italian and English.

The official tourist agency office is located at 56 Piazza del Campo. There you can find maps, updated local information and, my personal favorite, walking guides to the different neighborhoods within the city walls. in Italian and English.

For information on parking in Siena read this article which summarizes the parking situation in English on parking in Siena and then visit Siena parking online -- in Italian only but very helpful for additional details. is a good online resource for the independent traveler contemplating either a long-term stay or moving to Italy.

We used Internet Train to check email and work online while in Siena. They have locations through italy and in Siena can be found at 121 Via di Citta, and 54 Via Pantaneto.

The official Siena Palio site -- in Italian only so you might want to read this interesting article on the Palio in Siena in English.

Siena Jazz information is a great place to learn about the jazz music program and concerts in Siena.

Siena news is a very cluttered site but quite good for updated information and news on, about and from Siena.


The Autostrade web site is the perfect place for up-to-the-minute information on the toll highway system. English and Italian.

Touring Club Italiano is Italy's version of the North America's AAA club. In Italian only.

The official Italian railway web site is a breeze to use. In English as well as Italian.

If you want to take the bus from Siena to Rome, you'll use the "Sena" bus line; the trip takes about 2 hrs 45 mins and drops you off at the Tiburtina train station (not the main station downtown). From there its about 40 mins to Leonardo da Vinci Airport.

If you want to take the bus from Florence to Siena, you'll need to visit the SITA web site; the trip takes about 50 mins. Look for the buses marked rapido (the express).

For local Siena bus service the orange Tra-In buses service nearly every community in and around Siena. Their main office is underground at the Piazza Gramsci. You can find the entrance in front of the Jolly Hotel. Weekly and monthly passes are available.

To download maps of the various routes in Siena visit the Tra-In web site